McCovey Chronicles

is a San Francisco Giants blog and part of the SB Nation family of sports blogs. It was in fact the second blog
on the SB nation network.

Alex_Lewis Scholarship Fund

Information on the scholarship fund that was set up in memory of Alex_Lewis, a member who sadly passed away in 2012.

How to...

This section will show you some tricks and tips on the technical side (e.g. images or links) for posting on the blog.

The "Unofficial" McImage Directory

Have you seen an image or a GIF you just can't live without ? They're all in here !


A section dedicated to inside jokes, recurring gags, and other weirdness.

Epic Threads

A list of particularly notable Fanposts posted on McCovey Chronicles.

Annual McCoven Awards

Bunch of egos who are full of themselves. Kind of like the Oscars, but better.

Adopt a Giant Program

A list of the "adopted" Players and their Parents. We take this stuff seriously.

McC Community Prospect Lists

The McC Community Prospect List is done each year by members voting and ranking the prospects in the Giants system.

WinNow !!

You need to see it to understand. Really, go take a look.

Spring Training Tips

Everything you always wanted to know about attending Spring Training. OK, some things you might want to know

McC on IRC

McCovey Chronicles infrequently used IRC channel

Recipe Threads

Recipes ? On a Baseball Blog ? You bet, we love to talk about food, make food and talk about eating the food we made. Next thing you know, we'll have a "What's for Lunch" and "Game of Thrones" Page